Strange Fruit


Or an album of pictures from the British film 'Still Crazy'


'Still Crazy' is a quirky little film about the ex-members of a fictitious 70's rock group 'Strange Fruit', who some twenty years later, having fallen on hard times, try to reform and relive their past glories.  There is much slash potential, and many theories on the convoluted relationships of the various band members.  Me, I'm a Ray/Les aficionado.  Give it a try, you might like it!

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Apologies for the text btw, hope the orange is better than the red. I hate red text, but I'm trying to find a compromise that matches the colours of The Fruits  tour bus.  I know, I've flipped it !


Cast Members

Ray - Bill Nighy
Les - Jimmy Nail
Tony - Stephen Rea
Beano - Timothy Spall
Hughie - Billy Connolly
Luke - Hans Matheson
Brian - Bruce Robinson
Karen - Juliet Aubrey

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A Brief Plot Synopsis

Twenty years ago, at the Wisbech Rock Festival, Strange Fruit (Les, Ray, Beano, Brian and Tony)  performed for the last time.  A thunderstorm, the band members arguing, it all brought about a catastrophic separation triggered by the death of Brian's brother Keith, their former lead singer.

Twenty years later.  Ray is living in a Gothic mansion he can't afford with his wife Astrid.  Les is running a roofing business, and happily married to his wife Camille.  Beano is living in a caravan and working in a garden centre, Tony has the condom concession on a Spanish island.  And Brian has disappeared, having had a breakdown after the death of his brother Keith.

Karen, the former girlfriend of Brian, dreams of bringing the Fruits back together.  Can she succeed?  Can the Fruits possibly get back to their former glory?  Can Les ever forgive Ray for replacing his idol Keith as lead singer?  Watch the film and find the answers...


The Fruits reunion European tour - Beano


Les and Ray

Wisbech Festival
'Young' Luke


What can I say!  I like Bill Nighy.

Ray panics.

Go on you can sing it.

Really, you'll let me sing!


The look of love <g>

It's mutual <g>

What key are we in?


And closer



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