Here be a few screen grabs from the current series of Taggart, these taken from the episode screened on the 14th September 2000, to help illustrate the various characters for those unfamiliar with the series.  A useful guide to previous series, episodes and characters can be found on elfin's site


Detective Chief Inspector (DCI) Michael ( Mike) Jardine.  Characteristics - Doesn't drink, religous, drives himself far too hard, in the current series has developed Angina.  And almost without fail every girlfriend he has gets murdered, is related to someone who is murdered or commits murderer, or is indeed the murderer themselves <g>.
Detective Inspector Robert  (DI) (Robbie) Ross.  Sails close to the wind.  Once accepted a holiday from a known criminal, rather unwisely.  Has just been under investigation for possible corruption.  Innocent as far as we know.
Detective Sergeant Jackie Reid.  Has similar love life problems to her boss <g>.  Has been devoted to him for years, not that Mike has ever noticed.  Currently she seems very fond of her immediate superior Robbie Ross, although she's involved with the officer who's been investigating Robbie!
Detective Constable Stuart Fraser.  Stuart is gay.  Rather hero worships his boss.  And had the pleasure in the episode 'Angel Eyes' of getting to ride off into the sunset with the gorgeous bi-sexual hunk that both he and Jackie fancied.  To which Jackie said, 'Isn't life a bitch'.

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DC Stuart Fraser

Guest villain of the week.  Better known as DS Alistair Greig from The Bill.

Jackie Reid and Robert Ross

DI Robert Ross

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DS Jackie Reid

Robbie Ross

DCI Mike Jardine

Stuart Fraser

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The nearest thing to a naked Mike we've seen in years!

Jackie and Mike

Stuart, Mike and Jackie in the squadroom

The busiest pathologist in the UK with Mike and Stuart

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Just an excuse to look at a pair of criminally underexposed legs!

Jackie consoling Robbie.



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Robbie and Mike!

Mike, Jackie and Stuart

Mike and Stuart!

Jackie arrests the villain at the end


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