The Bill


New! A clip of Luke Ashton and Craig Gilmore from this week's episode.  (22/08/02)    Luke and Gilmore   WRM format (low res) 1.2mb
                                                                                                                            Luke and Gilmore 2  RM format (better quality) 1.9mb

For the best fan info on The Bill I recommend going to The Alley, link on the fiction links page.

Most of the pictures here are from the 2nd July 2002, and the return of Luke Ashton. But a few are from pre the great Sun Hill fire.

  Cass Rickman, Reg Hollis and Polly Paige. SGt June Ackland Mickey DI Rawton making a return visit
Supt. Chandler     Gary Luke Ashton returns
Chandler's Chum Duncan and colleague Gary and Tony
Brandon's first day in the Community Unit PC Jim Carver
  A refugee from Eastenders Another Eastenders refugee playing Inspector Gina Gold  Sgt  Matt Boyden Gilmore asks where Luke is
Found him!   Luke standing to attention   Lust at first sight
  Yes Jardine has had a name and police force change <g>.      
    Gary, Tony and Luke DCI Meadows Grow that hair back please!
Tony thinking The Canteen Jim and Brandon   Fancy a drink Sarge?
Sweet. Gilmore is gay?   Gilmore looking sadly throught the window as Luke, Tony and Gary head for the pub A glistening eye