Are you a writer?  Outside the UK?  Writing fan-fic about British shows?  Well here I'll be listing links that may be of use.
Updated - September 29th 2001.

The British Slash Resource Page

British and Irish Culture & Travel Links (General)

English Culture - Home Page   Loads of information and links, on all aspects of England.
Ireland for Visitors   
Scottish Culture
United Kingdom for visitors
Wales - Home Page 
Knowhere - A Users Guide to Britain  Candid opinions on a large number of British towns and cities.


The Labour Party  Currently the UK's ruling party.  Socialist.  Prime Minister - Tony Blair; Deputy Prime Minister - John Prescott; Chancellor of the Exchequer - Gordon Brown; Foreign Secretary - Jack Straw; Home Secretary - David Blunkett.

The Conservative Party   The main opposition party; leader - Ian Duncan-Smith.  Right wing, but not as far right as say the American Republicans.

The Liberal Democratic Party   The third main party; leader - Charles Kennedy.  Sort of somewhere in the middle politically, but these days probably more left than the Labour Party.

All UK Parties Political Register  This site lists all registered political parties in the UK and links to any web-sites they have.  Here you can find links to the Welsh and Scottish Nationalist parties etc, plus some of the wonderfully eccentric British political parties there are around like the Monster Raving Loony Party.

All things Alcohol  Click here shortly for the BritSlash guide.

Annual Events  Coming shortly, yet another guide to notable yearly events in the UK.


American British - British American Dictionary
Plus lots of other useful comparison charts (weights & measures; spelling differences; public holidays; money; even musical notes)
Dictionary of English Slang and colloquialisms of the UK
British Slang Glossary
Plus some useful but limited lists of Brit terms for every day items.

Language (regional & specialist)

Scottish Slang Productions
London Slang


The Crown Prosecution Service

The Criminal Justice System

The Court System


The Monarchy

The official Royal Website


Newspapers (national)

The Times   Upmarket broadsheet.
The Telegraph  Ditto, but more right wing.
The Guardian  The left wing version.
The Daily Express  A tabloid. Typical average family type newspaper.
The Sun  A more down-market tabloid, nationalistic, famous for topless women on page 3, sport, popular with men.  The sort of paper a lot of male slash characters would probably read. 
A fairly comprehensive list of UK papers, national and local.

Note:  National papers cover the whole country, and are published in the mornings, local papers are usually published afternoon/evening.


The BritSlash beginners guides to British sport.


Football (Soccer)
FA Premier League Official Site
The teams section gives fairly full histories of all current Premiership clubs.
Nationwide Football League
Clubs in Div 1, 2 and 3.
F1 - 
F1 - 
TT - Isle of Man
Bikes -
Bikes -
Bikes - 
Horse Racing
The Racecourse Association
(Details of all 59 UK courses and their websites)
Aintree  (Home of the Grand National)
Ascot (Home of Royal Ascot)
Cheltenham (March - the Premier National Hunt Festival)
Epsom (June - The Derby)
Doncaster (The St. Leger)
Goodwood  (Glorious Goodwood)
Newmarket (1,000 and 2,000 Guineas)
Rugby Football Union
Allied-Dunbar Premiership



British Waterways
UK Public Transport Information
Travel Timetables
UK Road Travel

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