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Slashlists - Slash & Slash Friendly Email Lists

Britslash - A nice, friendly, slash discussion and fiction mailing list.   For any TV programmes / Films / Books which are, or have been shown/read etc  in the UK.  Plus a few honourable exceptions.
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CI5 - Slash friendly mailing list for The Professionals. 
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Holmesslash   This list is for the discussion of, and pastiche stories depicting, the possibility of a Holmes/Watson romance. The tone will vary from dry and acedemic, to juicy, to just plain silly. This list will discuss and depict homosexual themes, and is not appropriate for children. Send an age statement and subscription request to: 

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HornblowerFrolix  A slash list for discussion and posting of fiction based on the ITV/Meridian tv series 'Hornblower'.
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NickSmiffy  A slash list for the characters Nick Klein and Dale Smith from The Bill.  To subscribe


PassionFruit - A slash list for the film 'Still Crazy'.
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QAFfic - A list for posting and discussing fan fiction around the Channel 4 show Queer As Folk - we request subscribers be at least 16 due to adult content in some of the stories.  To subscribe

Queer-as-Folk - A general discussion list for Channel 4's  drama about three gay men, Stuart, Vince and Nathan.
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Sunbeam and Petal - A slash friendly list for Dalziel and Pascoe fans.
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Sunhill - A slash friendly discussion/fiction mailing list devoted to the British Police series The Bill.
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Wodeslash - A list for discussion of slash involving any characters in the PGWodehouse universe.
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Slash  Zines in Print

Haldane Press   Multi-media.
Janet Ellicott    Highlander, multi-media, zine agenting.
 Red Rose    Multi-media, zine agenting.
Spyderwritings  Multi-media, UFO, Holmes/Watson.
Stormwolf Press  Multi-media.
Top Hat Press  Holmes/Watson.  
Triffid's Leg Press  Multi-media, Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea. (Updated 21st April 2002).

Zine Links   Multi-media slash zines, including Dyad and vampire zines, plus single fandom zines.     A site devoted to listing zines.
Judith Proctor   B7 zines, plus Judith agents zines in many other fandoms besides B7.  Click on the link to go her website which has an extensive list.

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