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  • 'Tongues Will Wag 2'   (Multi-Media slash zine)

Fandoms include:

Space Above and Beyond
Highlander (Mac/Joe)
Kung Fu: TLC
Garrison's Gorilla's (Garrison/Actor)
Romeo and Juliet (Romeo/Mercutio)
Quantum Leap
War of the Worlds
Babylon 5 (Garibaldi/Zack)
The Sentinel

Page count: 114
Cost: �25 UK/Eur   � Aus/Pac  $15 US


  • 'Tongues Will Wag 1'     (Multi-media slash-zine)

    Fandoms include:

    Twelve o'clock High (Savage/Komanski/Gallagher)
    Garrison's Gorillas (Actor/Garrison)
    Space Above & Beyond
    The Equaliser (Control/McCall, Scott/Gage)
    Judge Dredd
    Scent of a Woman
    War of the Worlds (Blackwood/Ironhorse, Kincaid/Ironhorse)

    Cost: �25 UK/Eur

    *These stories are also available on the internet at
    http://netdump.com/users/joram but I do maintain a stock of zines for
    those who prefer hardcopy.


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