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FIRST LOVE, FOREVER LOVE by Maia ("Battlestar Galactica")
THE LOVE OF PRINCES by Janet Ellicott ("The Reyen")
NIGHT MANOEUVRES by Fran Ward ("The A Team").
UK � Europe �50; USA � Pacific �50.

AMARE 6 - An adult "Tomorrow People" zine. All stories by Janet
More than Just Different
While in Australia, Ami is almost captured by Australian intelligence,
thanks to an unfortunate romance with a junior agent. Adam does what he
can to comfort her but it is really Megabyte she needs to see.
A missing scene from "The Darkover Project". Megabyte and Lisa have
registered as a couple but they would both be happier with other
The First Time
Ami and Megabyte have paired off but haven't yet become lovers. And
none of the Tomorrow People are quite sure what will happen when two of
them do become lovers.
One of Those Conversations
On his eighteenth birthday, Megabyte is treated to a whole evening of
his father's company, and a surprisingly frank conversation.
Sam Rees had tried to make Ami kill the other Tomorrow People.
Something had to be done to make them into a team again.
When Megabyte makes love for the first time, he triggers something in
his girlfriend, a telepathic power she didn't possess before. It seems
he is a catalyst. While tests are carried out, to see whether it is
possible to detect a pre-Break Out Tomorrow Person, the Tomorrow People
learn that one of the Worldex secretaries should have been a Tomorrow
Person. Despite Adam's best efforts to force her Break Out, it seems
that there is only one way to achieve it.
60 pages, good quality computer printout. UK �00, Europe �50,
USA/Canada �00, Australia/New Zealand �50.

AMARE 7. A FATHER'S WORST NIGHTMARE by Janet Ellicott. An adult
"Tomorrow People" zine.
Colonel Masters has been employed to capture teleporters. Plural. He
captures Megabyte, thinking he will bring the others in to the trap, but
Megabyte is stubborn and refuses to cooperate, whatever Masters does to
him, shutting down his special powers so he can't even reach out to
them. Damon and Adam are not able to find him until after he has been
raped. Restoring Megabyte's special powers is not easy, and he is at
first only able to broadcast negative feelings. It is essential that
the other Tomorrow People find a way to heal him.
N.B. This story contains same sex material and is therefore not
available to under 18s. 48 pages. UK: � Europe: �50; USA:
�50; Pacific: �

AMARE 8. A Multi Media "slash" zine by Janet Ellicott
Ginger had known for some time that his former employers, now his
commanding officers, were lovers. With the coming of War, however, also
came Lord Bertie Lissie, and a chance at love for him too.
ALMOST FOREVER ("The Three Musketeers")
Of the three of them, D'Artagnan found himself growing closest to
Athos. He thought at first that Athos was looking for a substitute
son. Then a drunk Porthos tried to warn him of the dangers of getting
too close to Athos, and Aramis was forced to explain, making the warning
ALONE ("The Tomorrow People")
Adam never did know when to stop working. Megabyte and Ami came up with
a unique way to force him to relax.
58 pages. UK �00, Europe �50, USA/Canada �00, Australia/New
Zealand �50.

AMARE 10. PLOTS AND COUNTERPARTS. An R-Rated "Tomorrow People and
Sandbaggers" zine by Janet Ellicott.
Jeff Ross and Neil Burnside want the Tomorrow People to work for them,
and are prepared to go to any lengths to force them. General Damon is
equally determined that they aren't going to work for anyone in the
intelligence community, save himself, and he and Adam plot ways to get
out of the trap. At the same time, Adam is concerned that the CIA may
be trying to target his mother, who is the head of Australian
Intelligence. It takes a lot of counterplotting - and help from
surprising sources - to keep the Tomorrow People neutral.
29 pages. UK: � Europe: �50; USA: �50; Pacific: �

A "slash" "Highlander" zine.
Watching. Joe Dawson is surprised to discover that Duncan is in love
again, with a most unlikely person.
Better than a Quickening. When Duncan wakes up in bed with Methos, he
has to think back to the circumstances which got him there.
Interlude. A missing scene from "Deliverance". Duncan is himself again
but Methos wants to make absolutely sure and Duncan can't kill him while
they're still on Holy Ground.
Ah, Paris!
Joe is delighted when Amanda's Watcher ends up in his bed. He assumes
Amanda is in Duncan's. What he doesn't know is that someone else is
also there.
Methos has his own reasons for wanting Kristen dead. And, while he has
accepted an invitation to stay at the loft, he doesn't intend to sleep
on the couch.
Richie has questions for his mentor and is surprised at some of the
House Guest
Methos has taken Kristen's head but the quickening wasn't enough. He
has certain needs and only Duncan is available.
Making Up
Duncan has been much too hard on Richie, training him hard enough to
kill a mortal. When he tries to make amends, Richie is surprised to
discover that he has been covering his true feelings.
When Methos keeps a promise, cooking Duncan a promised meal, Duncan
wants to know why.
Practical Experience. A postscript to "Prodigal Son".
Richie isn't quite drunk enough to forget what a quickening usually did
to Duncan. On the barge, they share some memories of past quickenings,
Duncan's and Connor's.
Who Watches the Watchers? Connor comes to the States in search of
Methos. He has pieced together some memories and legends, and wants
answers. He also wants to know where Duncan met his new Immortal
friend, and exactly what their relationship is. Methos, on the other
hand, has decided that there are things Duncan needs to know, Duncan,
Richie and Joe. And there are headhunters in town. Four Immortals
together are too much of a temptation.
All stories by Rowan.
78 pages. Good quality computer printout. UK �50, Europe �00,
USA/Canada �50, Australia/New Zealand �00.

A "slash" "Highlander" zine.
Attraction by Rowan
Duncan had gone back to the States to put some distance between himself
and the older Immortal but Methos had followed him, and he seemed to be
deliberately fanning the attraction between them.
Reparation by Rowan
The last time they met, Duncan had tried to take Richie's head. He had
to do something to restore their friendship and perhaps send it in a
different direction.
A Different Kind of Game by Rowan (A sequel to "Finale")
Amanda had gone and Methos dropped by the barge with something more than friendship on his mind. After a pleasant day together, he let Duncan
know what was on his mind.
Surprises by Jan
When Duncan returned from a trip, he knew at once that there was another
Immortal in the loft. Going inside, he discovered Richie and Methos in
bed together, and their reason for what they'd done was even more of a
Innocence Regained
by Rowan
Things were better between them after Clay's death but there were still
things to be discussed. After leaving Joe's, Richie went over to the
dojo to make Duncan talk about them.
Fantasies Fulfilled by Rowan. A missing scene from "They Also Serve".
Michael Christian was dead but the whole thing had given Richie a bad
scare. It was about time he told Duncan something about his feelings.
Sometimes an Immortal had his heart set on a certain head. Thomas
Bosanquet wanted Darius. To get him off Holy Ground, he decided to go
after Duncan and, to get to Duncan, he used Richie. But it wasn't only
Richie. Bosanquet had also abducted a former pupil of his own, a young
Immortal who was no longer the cowed child he had been, though he had
not yet taken a head. While half the Immortals in Paris were looking
for them, Robert was plotting his own escape, and planning to take
Richie with him.
73 pages. Good quality computer printout. UK �50, Europe �00,
USA/Canada �50, Australia/New Zealand �00.

A "slash" "Highlander" zine.
Renewal by Rowan
The morning after he'd taken Harrish Clay's head, Duncan woke with the
feeling that he'd done something he shouldn't have done. Richie was
asleep beside him and it was pretty obvious what they'd been doing
before they went to sleep.
Something Old by Rowan
Methos had no choice when he took Shane Richardson's head, but Duncan
was out of town and Richie knew what Duncan needed after a quickening.
He went over to the dojo to see if he could help. After all, there was
something very mysterious about Adam Pierson. However he behaved, he
had the power of an Immortal even older than Kamir.
Forsaking all Evil by Merlin
Kuyler's quickening left Duncan with a problem Tessa couldn't help him
with. Kuyler was a homosexual and Duncan needed to have sex with
another man.
Changes by Rowan
Richie didn't have anywhere to stay, so Duncan took him back to the
barge, and told him about the Horsemen. Richie already knew.
Forgiveness by Rowan
When Duncan went to St Joseph's, he was surprised to find Methos already
there. Darius was dead, but there was a chance to repair his friendship
with someone else.
I am the One by
Alone in bed, Methos has a ghostly visitor.
In the Beginning by Janus
With Tessa and Duncan away, Connor decides to track Richie down.
Darkness by Rowan
Joe knew there was something wrong with the quickening but Methos
disappeared before he could question him. In the end, he had to call in
Duncan to help their friend, but Duncan had other things on his mind,
and what Methos really needed was something Duncan couldn't - or
wouldn't - give him.
89 pages. Good quality computer printout. Available January 1998. UK
�00, Europe �50, USA/Canada �00, Australia/New Zealand �50.

A "slash" "Highlander" zine.
Friendship Resumed by Rowan
Clay wad dead. Duncan hoped that his friendship with Richie hadn't gone
the same way.
New Year Party by Rowan
For an orphan, New Year was like Christmas, nothing to celebrate.
Richie was delighted to be invited to spend the evening with Duncan, but
Duncan had undisclosed plans for him, plans which Methos was happy to go
along with.
Surprise Reunion by Rowan
Richie was surprised to meet Methos drowning his sorrows in a bar, and
even more surprised to learn the reason.
Ah, Flamenco by Rowan
After the quickening, the dance of love.
Role Reversal by Rowan
There was one thing which Duncan couldn't teach Richie, and it was
something Richie decided to teach him.
Who are You Kidding? by Rowan
Methos and Duncan were in competition, for Richie!
Once Begun by Janus
A sequel to "In the Beginning".
Rescue by Rowan
Lucas Carroll liked to torture young Immortals before taking their
quickening. Methos found Richie before he could lose his head, but
Carroll had left Duncan with a massive problem on his hands.
80 pages. Good quality computer printout. UK �50, Europe �00,
USA/Canada �50, Australia/New Zealand �00.

A "slash" "Highlander" zine.
Chains of Love by Rowan
Marina had kidnapped him and tied him to a bed, and Richie thought that
was a good basis for a relationship. Duncan thought he had it coming.
Peace Talks by Rowan
After the meeting in the graveyard, Duncan asked Methos to go back to
Paris with him. They had a lot of talking - and forgiving - to do if
their relationship was ever going to be rebuilt, and Kronos didn't want
them to rebuild.
Lost Innocence by Merlin
Duncan needed certain things after a quickening. When he took Sheriff
Crowley's head, Tessa was back home and he had only a young pre-Immortal
for company ...
Buried Memories by Rowan. A sequel to "Payback" which appeared in
"Sleeping Among Us 2"
Richie had told Duncan his true feelings once and had no intention of
doing so again. But Robert kept insisting, Richie was still getting
nightmares and then there was Duncan's feelings to consider ....
78 pages. UK �00, Europe �50, USA/Canada �00, Australia/New
Zealand �50.

by Rowan.
A "slash" "Highlander" zine. Alexander is one of the few truly old
Immortals left. He is also one of the truly evil Immortals. When
Methos goes head hunting, he kills one of Alexander's students instead,
a younger Immortal who shared his mentor's tastes, and it is left to
Duncan to search for Alexander, while Richie and Methos protect the two
not-yet-Immortals they've rescued from Alexander. Both the dead
Immortals were child molesters and their quickenings, while not exactly
dark, are definitely grey. Duncan has the sense to talk to a counsellor
and then go to Connor for comfort but Methos doesn't have any family
left. And the problem isn't just mental. Both Duncan and Methos have
been left impotent by their quickenings. Reluctantly, Methos agrees to
a shared holiday but impotence isn't the only problem: if Duncan can't
make Methos talk about his inherited memories, he will never recover,
and Methos seems much more interested in being the comforter than in
accepting comfort himself.
Please note that, due to the nature of this story, there isn't a lot of
explicit sex but, boy, are there a lot of hurt/comfort scenes!
74 pages. Good quality computer printout. UK �50, Europe �00,
USA/Canada �50, Australia/New Zealand �00.

A "slash" "Highlander" zine, a possible sequel to "Archangel". They had
all seen it but, when Duncan and Methos went back to bury Richie's body,
there was no body. When Richie turned up on the barge a little while
later, Methos was forced to admit what he had known for some time -
Kronos' Quickening had been a bad one, and it was exactly what the demon
needed, two Immortals who were no longer in control of their own minds.
Duncan was not the only one who had a demon to fight: Methos had to
fight the demon which had once been his closest friend, his lover and
his obsession: Kronos. 91 pages. UK �00, Europe �50, USA/Canada
�00, Australia/New Zealand �50. Good quality computer printout.

A collection of "slash" "Highlander" stories. Methos is beginning to
think that it's time he took a pupil again. He doesn't want a newborn,
however, and Richie has started to think of looking for a second teacher
to teach him the advanced stuff. It seems a perfect match, to everyone
except Duncan. 70 pages. Good quality computer printout. UK �50,
Europe �00, USA/Canada �50, Australia/New Zealand �00.

The Governments of the world have found out about Immortals and see in
them an unstoppable work force. Richie is captured in the first US
roundup and imprisoned in one of the first camps. Later, after he has
been moved to a more secure prison, Duncan joins him. Duncan has had
Joe alter the Watchers' records so that it looks as though they are
lovers and, once Richie has recovered from the shock, he pairs off with
his teacher, which gives their captors a hold over both of them.
Richie's work is brought to him in the camp and Duncan is sent out on
espionage and courier assignments. Meanwhile, Methos has been persuaded
to do more than add his name to the resistanace and is working to free
Duncan so that he can hand over the work to the Highlander. Warning:
this story is very dark, and features a great deal of male/male sex,
some of it non consentual. 66 pages. Good quality computer printout.
UK �00, Europe �50, USA/Canada �00, Australia/New Zealand �50.

by Janet Ellicott
At the end of "Conquered is the Conqueror", Derrick and Kolen agreed to
give Iano three years to train them in the use of their Reyen powers.
None of them knew what form the training would take, or where it would
lead, only that it was necessary. This story starts about halfway through the course. It details the turning point of those three years, the time when all four Reyen finally come to understand what their powers really are, and who is supposed to use them.
UK: � Europe: �50; USA: �50; Pacific: �

THE REYEN series by Janet Ellicott
A fantasy series set on the planet Greycloud where those with psi power
form the ruling classes and one group of young people set out to change
the status quo.

Kathtrey's future was bleak. An apprentice Healer, thanks to her psi
gifts, she was destined to be High Queen by marriage. When she met
Derrick Macreedi, she found a suulmate, both for her and for her brother
Kolen, and rumours began to circulate that the Reyen were once again on
Greycloud. But Derrick was an entertainer, not fit to marry into the
Morr/Woren family. Yet Kattrey had friends (and enemies) in strange
places. The secret of her birth and, with it, her father's true rank,
was revealed, giving her the hope that things could be different. Then
her brothers were kidnapped, and her father promised Derrick her hand,
if he could save Kolen from the Black Reyin who wanted the power denied
him by the Councils, and Derrick made quite sure that Kathtrey could not
marry anyone else, before taking her and Kolen into a telepathic duel
which could have killed them all.
156 pages. Computer printout with comb binding. Price UK �00,
Europe, �.00, USA/Canada �.00, Australia/New Zealand �.00.

North has been defeated but at a terrible cost. The three Reyen lie in
a deep coma, living in some fantasy world from which they do not want to
escape to return to reality. Not knowing what else to do, Lord Macreedi
goes to the Waste to ask his sister, Rowan, to come back and help them.
But, even if they do regain consciousness, there are still problems to
be faced. Kathtrey is pregnant and unable to defend herself mentally.
Unless Derrick and Kolen can get some powerful friends on their side,
she will be forced to marry the High King's Heir.
95 pages, computer printout with comb binding. Price UK �50, Europe
�50, USA/Canada �00, Australia/New Zealand �50

Coming soon. SAE for details when available.

Coming soon. SAE for details when available.

Richard and Joanna were a fairly normal couple, with fairly normal
problems, not idyllically happy but not on the verge of divorce either,
until they were suddenly transported into another world where those with
psi power ruled. Prisoners of the Black Reyin's two apprentices, they
could do nothing to save themselves and had to trust to the powers of a
popular music group and their Royal connections.
46 pages, computer printout with comb binding. UK: � Europe: �50;
USA: �50; Pacific: �


OBSESSION by Janet Ellicott
Always Get Your Man was the most successful show the BBC had ever made.
The fans loved it, "slash" fiction was rife, and the two stars, Clark
Kenyon and Jim Burrows, were a huge success at every convention they
attended. The show had given Clark the best friend he had ever had, and
it was only a minor inconvenience - at first - that he also found Jim
incredibly attractive. Location work took them to a coaching inn with a
four poster bed, and the natural conclusion followed. Everything should
have been fine, but then the obsessed fans appeared. As Chief Inspector
Bridlington said, it was a disaster waiting to happen. Stephen Frost
began with stalking. Then he wanted more ....
85 pages. UK �00, Europe �50, USA/Canada �00, Australia/New
Zealand �50.

THE HUNT by Janet Ellicott
Rick Tomlinson thought he had what he wanted from his life. He had his
own business, he had Graham, and he had a good social life. Then the
Altairians arrived. They were in pursuit of trade, not conquest, and
they wanted Rick to be Earth's negotiator. As he tried to make sense of
their customs, Rick realised that one of them wanted more from him, and
he didn't refuse when the offer was made. Brian Stafford was even more
willing and became the first man on the planet to lose his virginity to
an alien. And then there was the mysterious Hunt. Brian and Rick were
both expected to join the Hunt, but the Altairians wouldn't explain what
The Hunt was, or what they really wanted from their human colleagues.
It seemed that Rick and Brian would have to be Hunted before anyone
would explain anything to them.
117 pages. Comb bound, good quality computer printout. Price UK �50,
Europe �50, USA/Canada �00, Australia/New Zealand �50


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