Red Rose Press

Red Rose Press deal in a number of slash zines mostly multi-media some of  which they publish themselves. What they have in stock will vary as they get sent zines from some overseas editors such as Kathy Resch and a lot of the zines are second hand. They also have the occasional genzine. If you send an SAE they will send you a list of their new and second hand zines and prints. Could you please also include a telephone no. and email address with your enquiries.  Thank you.

The e-mail address is

If you send an e-mail asking what they have in stock, they'll endeavour to reply within ten days. They reckon to supply zines within a week, but say it sometimes takes longer.

Important:  Please note Red Rose Press is an amateur outfit, based in 
London, UK, and have no connection whatsoever with the author Rusty Berkus, who is published by a professional company of the same name based in California. 

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