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'Reaching for the Light'


  • 'Reaching for the Light' -( Black Rain).
  • 'In The Nick of Time' -  (Inspector Morse), Morse/Lewis.
  • 'Rite of Passage' - (The Lost Boys), Michael/David.
  • 'Dark of the Moon' - (UFO), Freeman/Jackson.
  • 'To Cage a Wolf' - (Ladyhawke), Phillipe/Navarre.
  • 'Gold, Silver and Steel' - (Treasure Island).
  • Plus others.

'Reaching for the Light 2'


  • 'Blindfold' - (Blind Fury), Billy/Nick Parker
  • 'Winter Journey' - (UFO), Freeman/Jackson.
  • 'Just Another Might Have Been' -  (Babylon 5)    Garibaldi/Marcus Cole.
  • 'A Certain Kind of Vitality' -
    (Hostage Dallas/Blood Money).
  • 'The Face of Love' - (Ladyhawke), Phillipe/Navarre.
  • 'All The Time in The World' - (Dr Who),  Dr Who/The Brigadier.
    These and more.

'Second Time Around'

Six multi-media slash stories by Spyder previously published in other zines.

  • 'A Shock To The System' - (The Bill),
  • 'Only A Matter Of Time' - (The Bill),
    Sequel to the above.
  • 'A Strange Kind Of Rainbow' - (Miami Vice)
  • 'A Fistful Of Tartan' - (Hamish MacBeth),
    Hamish/TV John.
  • 'Fair Wind And A Fast Passage' -
    (Treasure Island),  Jim/Capt. Smollett.
  • 'The Christmas Present' - (UFO).

UFO zines

Circles - A UFO novel charting the changing relationships between Freeman/Jackson/Straker and Foster.

Past Imperfect - Sequel to the above.  Freeman/Jackson, and a Russian assassin.

Dark Clouds and Shadows -
Four stories charting the beginning of Ed Straker's relationship with Paul Foster, and beyond.

Elementary     A Holmes and Watson Slash zine.

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