Stormwolf Press


'Where the Lightning Strikes'

Multi-media slash zine, 135 pages, comb-bound, laminated cover,
6 illustrations, 4 in full colour.


  • True Love by Mut 'n' Jef,  (Hercules: The Legendary Journeys).
  • The Element of Danger by LeLapin (La Femme Nikita) Michael/Birkoff
  • All in One Day by K9, (Due South).
  • Possessed by Sigrina, (Due South/Forever Knight).
  • Four Men and a Fountain by K9 (X-Files).
  • Aftermath by Sigrina, (Bugs)  Ed/Beckett.
  • Reality Bites by K9, (The Sentinel).
  • Herne's Son by Sigrina ( Robin of Sherwood).
  • Wounded Souls by K9, (Due South).
  • Love, Friendship and Uneasy Alliances by LeLapin, (Quantum Leap).
  • Mourning Prey by Jef, (Highlander) Duncan/Methos.
  • Also, Babylon 5 and The Professionals

Price:  UK  �10p.          Europe/Eire �70p,  IMO/Eurocheque in � Sterling only.
US  �.50p  IMO in � Sterling only.          Aus/NZ  �.00p   IMO in Sterling only.

This Zine contains male/male love scenes and will not be sold to anyone under 18.  Age Statement required. For further enquiries emails to

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