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'Tokens and Traditions'

This is a Sherlock Holmes slash novel covering more than 40 years in the lives of Sherlock Holmes and his dear friend, biographer and companion Dr John Watson. These memoirs cover everything from humour to romance, from ceremony to infamy and a lot in between. Narratives are gentle and humorous, reflecting the true hearts of these two fine men. No graphic violence, rape, torture or mayhem.

213 pages, reduced font with very little white space. Word count 147,000.
Includes illustrations from the Granada series and the late Victorian era.

These memoirs are adult in nature and will not knowingly be sold to anyone under the age of 18. Age statement required.

Price to UK and Europe: $30 Aust. includes Economy Air postage. Air Mail add $5.
Price to USA/Canada: $22 US includes Economy Air postage. Air mail add $5.

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